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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Ironically, when it comes to house-holding, water can be considered as both the great helper and the worst enemy of home interior. On the one hand, water makes the perfect basis for cleaning concentrates that make your house shine with freshness. On the other hand, disasters like a flood, rain excess or leaking water in most cases cause the most serious damages to floor coverings, walls and furniture inside your house. In fact, most householders insurance claims for the last decade are water related! So, in any case you shouldn’t underestimate the danger that lies behind the moisture excess as it can easily destroy that precious thing you call fireside comfort. Fortunately for you specialists from Real Deal Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning are more than glad to help you in most messy situations closely connected with your home interior. Among other high-quality services you can order from us water damage restoration is quite the thing for you to get rid of flooding consequences and save your floor coverings from complete destruction. Our certified experts have enough experience to deal with emergencies caused by broken pipes or rain excess.

Main signs of water damage.

As it was mentioned above, water damage is one of the worst things that may happen to your house cause if you leave it unrepaired it will lead to quite serious problems in no time. First thing you have to do is to find and fix the water leak. Of course, in some cases you can do it yourself. However, hard situations require serious solutions so it would be very wise of you to call a professional if you aren’t so sure about your own experience in roofing or plumbing. Nevertheless, the following sure signs will warn you about water damage without calling a specialist:
  • Unpleasant odor. As you know, standing water tends to stagnate, and wooden parts of interior smell kinda earthy when rotting. In other words, when you detect a smell of stagnant water or rotting wood in your living room, it is most likely a water leak has already caused water damage.
  • Growths of mold. In most cases mold stains on the walls have nothing in common with your cleaning habits as mold spores are born on the wind. As soon as they contact dark and moist surfaces those troublemakers starts actively feed and grow. Usually it takes about 36-72 hours for mold to “decorate” your walls. Besides, building materials your house is built of make the best food for fungus and mildew. Ain’t that sweet?!
  • Blisters and peelings on wall surface. When water contacts the walls, coverings such as paint, plasters or wallpapers may lose adhesion and come off.
  • Discolorations and dark stains. When you see brownish stains on your floor and ceiling it means you deal with a water leak. In this case you should immediately check surrounding areas for that leak and fix it.
  • Ruined floor covering. Hope, there’s nothing to explain here. All you know how dirty and wet carpets may look after a flood.

What you should know about carpet water damage.

Although it may sound kinda weird but there are different grades of flooding. Of course, that means nothing for people faced such a disaster. Nevertheless, you may want to know more about some kinds of flooding. Why, you ask? Just because sometimes you don’t need to change floor covering after a water leak. Moreover, it’s even possible to return your carpets to pre-flood condition! So, as a housekeeper you may face with:
  1. Sanitary leak. That means “troubled water” that causes so much problems to your floor coverings can be considered as pure and sanitary. Quite simple, eh? In case of SF you still have a chance to restore your carpets and even make them look as good as new. Just remember a few simple recommendations on how to “reanimate” your favorite pieces of home interior:
  • find and fix a leak to prevent carpets fabric from contacting excess water;
  • try your best to minimize the traffic on the wet carpets. You see, latex basis that holds both backings together may get too weak when wet. As a result intensive traffic may lead to delamination. To regain it’s strength latex needs to be completely dry;
  • remove all the furniture from carpet’s surface as it may stain or even damage the fabric;
  • within the next 12 hours you should take care of water extraction. In case of ignore fluid excess may lead to growth of bacteria and fungus between the fibers which means you can say goodbye to your carpets stain protection. So, don’t waste your time and call specialist right after the leak is fixed;
  • make sure you remove carpets from the track strips and hang them to dry. Besides, to speed up the drying process you may use fans. However, in cases of high humidity feel free to use dehumidifiers to dry out the environment before taking care about floor coverings. That’s all!
  1. Unsanitary leak. In opposite the the previous kind of flooding, unsanitary leak such as dishwasher or toilet overflows containing bio-pollutants requires special attention. To be more specific, when you deal with this kind of flooding you should use boots, rubber gloves and other protectors to avoid direct contacts with unsanitary water. If you have open cuts you should stay away from the source of fluid. It goes without saying that in case of ignore unsanitary water sources may cause significant threat to your health.
  2. Black water. So called “black water” is nothing but the worst nightmare for a housekeeper as, in opposite to unsanitary flooding, it consists almost entirely of raw sewage. Actually any fluid that contacts the ground as well as untreated sea water can be considered as “black” one cause it may lead to more than serious problems with health for people and their pets. Unfortunately, all covering items suffered from “black flooding” can’t make subject to further use and should be disposed without cleaning.


To put it short, the best things you can do to prevent your home interior from getting water damages after flooding are: find and fix leak source, extract excess fluid from floor coverings and upholstery (as well as minimize the traffic in case of wet carpets), call professional cleaners from Real Deal Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for help. Yep, these are three main steps you should keep in mind to save your interior from possible “wet troubles!”