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Pet Odor Stain Removal

It’s not a secret that many people can’t live without pets. Seriously, it’s just amazing how quickly they (pets) become full-fledged members of a family. Cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and even insects – all they are the matter of that special love that has no limits. Or… Actually there are some limits your pet should reckon with to maintain the status of the best pet ever. One of those taboos can be stated as follows: never do your messy business on your master’s carpets OR home interior is not a litter box. Nevertheless, accidents happen and you perfectly know how it goes. I mean, very often your pet decides that there’s nothing like new floor coverings or upholstery to be a perfect toilet. Fortunately for you Real Deal Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning has a great practical experience in pet odor and stain removal. Our specialists have tested many chemicals to work out a strategy that works best. In fact, different situations require different solutions. This rule perfectly works for smelly problems caused by your favorite pets as sometimes wrong or late action may lead to full floor covering/padding removal. So, to save your home interior it would be very wise of you to take good care about stinky pet odor and stains right upon detection of the first signs of a big smelly problem.

Does it affect your health?

You bet it does! In spite of the fact that your pussy cat or dog is a member of your family, it doesn’t prevent your pet from getting extra smelly at times. Yep, that’s what you can call “hidden benefits” of being a genuine animal-lover. Frankly, when you deal with animals get ready to the whole mess of surprises you can find on your carpets or furniture. Some of those “gifts” aren’t that harmless as they may seem. Here we give you just five main ways a pet affects your health:
  • it contains allergens. As a rule, for most human beings who keep animals for years pet danger means almost nothing. In other words, when your respiratory system isn’t too sensitive to fight the irritants hidden in your pet’s hair, there’s nothing you should worry about; otherwise you can face serious problems with your ability to breath;
  • When it comes to dogs, there’s one pretty unpleasant things most dog owners face sooner or later: your canine friend often brings tons of useless (and sometimes even dangerous!) garbage into your home AND tries to hide it somewhere in a living room. If not found and disposed, that trash may turn into a real time bomb as some of those things your pet likes too much may be quite toxic;
  • Both dogs and cats just love to wallow in mud, dirt, dust or fallen leaves. Actually it’s not a crime. Another thing is that after that “cosmetic procedure” your pet’s hair is full of the smallest dirt particles that may affect your respiratory tracts. In other words, you should accustom your pet to regular brushing and bathing in order to get rid of unnecessary risks for other members of your family;
  • Perhaps, urine traces make the main annoyance for most animal-lovers. Whatever the reason, left to sit in your furniture or floor coverings urine may cause quite toxic miasma. Don’t you forget about that, folks;
  • l’arôme de skunk. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, after your dogs or cats meet a skunk they get extra stinky. In fact, skunk odor itself isn’t toxic at all, but it is able to get into your floor coverings, furniture and upholstery, and stay with you for a long-long time. Moreover, it may drive you crazy while trying to get rid of that horrible odor.
In most cases it won’t take long for you to to find a soiled area. First thing you should do is to use your own sense of smell to sniff out the “disasters center.” After that you should examine that suspicious area in order to detect hard-to-find particles of soil. Here you can use a black light to see even the oldest stains of urine or feces. After the problem is fixed it’s about time to call a specialist to confide to the next “level of care” to his experience.

Simple solutions that can help you to avoid serious problems.

Following these easy-to-remember steps will help you to save your family from possible risks caused by favorite pets:
  1. Cages small animals like rodents, reptiles or birds live in should be thoroughly cleaned EVERY day.
  1. If someone in your family suffers very sensitive respiratory system it would be useful to keep pets away from his/her room.
  1. Keeping animals at home means you should vacuuming and dusting quite often just to control the level of allergens your pets hair may contain.
  1. When it comes to dogs, cases of urinating and defecating indoors are closely connected with dogs owners carelessness. Sad but true. On the other hand, dogs need to be properly trained to wait until they go outdoors. Anyway, in most cases your canine friend prefers to make his/her business away from the place they live. Don’t you forget about that and don’t be too lazy to walk your Butch regularly.
  1. As you know, cat’s urine may turn into a real disaster for your home interior. Frankly, you can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to restore the former beauty and freshness of your home thanks to that cute and fluffy rascal you love so much. Which is more unpleasant, cats can do their wet business on purpose, just to mark their personal territory. As a rule, they do that right after you move to another house or another cat’s visit. In this regard, to prevent your interior from ruining your cat should be trained to use a PERSONAL litter box. Yes, you got that right: every cat in your house should have a personal toilet that, in it’s turn, should be always clean and fresh; otherwise your pussy-cat may want to find another place to make Mr. Stinky which is definitely very bad for you!
Whatever the problems your pets may cause to you and your home, you still love them, don’t you? That’s absolutely OK, cause they make your life full of joy and tenderness. It’s always pleasant to be responsible for a friend who trust you completely. Actually the only thing you should seriously care of is to clean up after them. Luckily you can leave all messy things to the team of professionals from Real Deal Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, a company that can be your cat’s or dog’s best friend!