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Our Services

Carpet cleaning – Step by Step

  1. Evaluating the condition of the carpet – This may be the most important step in our whole process. Our technicians will carefully walk through the areas you want cleaned. They will be looking for rips, or tears and any spots that might require extra attention. We will inform you exactly of what we can do to help, and then listen to your requests. Any and all questions you may have can and will be answered at this time.
  2. Vacuuming and pre-conditioning the carpet – After an understanding has been made about what you want, we will start by vacuuming if necessary and then, spraying our secret formula on the carpet that eats up proteins, and break down dirt and grease
  3. Agitation – Another very important step is to agitate the carpet and watch the stains start to disappear.
  4. Moving furniture and Extraction – If you request us to move furniture we will be more than happy to accommodate you, and we will place protective blocks under the legs of the furniture. Rinsing the pre-conditioner and extracting all the dirt and spots away is the best part. We love the look on the faces of our customers when they see the true difference.
  5. Spotting – Should our basic mixture be unable to remove a particular spot, we will then apply specific spotters and treatments to make your carpet look as good as possible. Our technicians are all trained to take special attention to detail. Quality is the key to our work.
  6. Grooming – Once we are confident we have done all we can to make the carpet look new again, we will uniformly rake the carpet. This helps it to dry quicker, look even better, and helps to prevent spots from wicking (part of the evaporation process) back to the surface.
  7. Wrapping up – Now that our basic process is complete. We will ask you to take a good look at your freshly cleaned carpet and make sure you are happy with our work. We have nothing to hide so we encourage you to examine our work. Then if you request us to, we can protect your carpet from future staining with Teflon protection. You can read more about that under the Our Services section in our home page.

Pet odor and stain removal

Pets can cause a great deal of problems. How to clean urine stains and eliminate odor has been the source of many arguments between carpet cleaners. We have tested many chemicals and strategies to find what works best. Not every situation can be treated the same. Some urine you cannot see, sometimes it is dense streaks, or several areas of spotting. Whatever the case may be, you can be certain, it’s nothing we haven’t seen and successfully dealt with before. We confidently stand behind our methods. Although some situations call for replacement of the carpet and/or padding, you would be surprised what we can do to restore it. Call us and let us take a look, we will always be honest and tell you if we can help. If we cannot we will not waste your time and money. Remember, it is always cheaper to repair than replace.

Red stain removal

Red stains are prominent, and greatly decrease the beauty of your carpet. Fortunately most red stains can be removed with our heat transfer process. The spots will disappear in front of your eyes. It is one of our specialties. Customers are always astonished at how well it works.

Carpet repairs and stretching

Depending on the severity of the tears or ripples, there are different methods our technicians can use, to fix the problem. Remember, it is always cheaper to repair your carpet than to replace it. We will advice you on the options you have, and will answer all of your questions. Once a decision has been made on what to do, you can rest assured your carpet is in good hands. To see more examples of what we can do, go to the before and after link, located on the home page.



Upholstery cleaning – Step by Step

  1. Evaluating the condition of the upholstery – As with carpet cleaning it is important for our technicians to inspect the furniture closely, and determine if there is any damage, what kind of fabric it is, and if there are any stains that may be difficult to remove. Note that different fabrics require slightly different cleaning techniques. The price will vary dependent on the severity of soiling and the amount of time it will take to clean.
  2. Pre-Conditioning and extraction – Once we have educated our customers about what needs to be done, normally we will begin by applying our upholstery cleaner one section at a time, followed by agitation with a brush, and a thorough rinsing. The rinse restores a neutral ph level and water pressure is minimized to prevent over-saturation or the ever present possibility of browning.
  3. Brushing and Drying – As some fabrics require, quick brushing may be necessary directly after cleaning, to dry the fibers in the correct position. If the upholstery is cotton, an air mover will be used to dry the furniture rapidly. Usually the upholstery will take an hour or less to completely dry. You will be able to see a substantial difference as it dries.
  4. upholstery-cleaning-renoFinal touches and Teflon protection. When the technician is done with the cleaning, he/she will ask you to take a look at your furniture. We always want to make sure you’re happy. Then you will be asked if you would like us to apply our Teflon protectant, (find out more about our DuPont Teflon under our services) to prevent staining in the future. Although it is strongly suggested, it is not a required step.

DuPont Teflon protection

Scotchguard is an older, less effective protectant. We now offer Teflon, which works better and lasts much longer than Scotchguard. After your carpet or upholstery has been thoroughly cleaned, we strongly recommend protecting your investment. Teflon will not prevent your carpet or upholstery from getting dirty, but it will prevent permanent staining. Our technicians are trained how to apply it properly, and we will give you the real deal.

Tile cleaning – Step by step


tile after cleaning looks like new

  1. Evaluating the condition of your tile- Details are what build quality. Our technicians will inspect for cracks in your grout and note what kind of tile you have. If you have cracks in the grout, be for warned it may suck up in our vacuum. The kind of tile you have, and the types of stains, will tell us what chemicals will work best. Chemistry is relative to everything in this industry.
  2. Pre-conditioning the tile- The appropriate pre-spray will then be applied, which may have to sit for fifteen minutes or so, to get best results.
  3. Agitation- We will then gently brush the grout and certain stains on the tile to help with the effectiveness of the pre-spray.
  4. Extraction- Our buffer will then spray a highly pressurized solution to extract the pre-spray, and neutralize the ph level. At the same time is extracts away all the dirt, and you will immediately be able to see results.
  5. Sealing- This step is included, as it is common and imperative to the job. Following behind the cleaning technician, his/her assistant will quickly spray and evenly spread the sealant over the tile. After that the dry time is about fifteen minutes. Your tile is then cleaned and sealed, ready for whatever life has to throw at it!

Tile sealing

As with carpet and upholstery protection, sealing your tile from staining is just as or more important to do after cleaning, and is rarely ignored. If you’re thinking of cleaning your tile and grout, be sure to seal it afterward as tile is an expensive investment. Grout itself is a very porous material, and so is some tile. Once a stain has been set, and cleaning proves ineffective, the only option is replacement of that section. Usually the newer material will never look quite the same as the rest. We habitually handle everything we do, like it’s our own.

24 hour water extraction

Water damage is one of the most common problems customers face. There are many reasons why water may decide to invade your home, like a pipe bursting or a toilet overflowing, and the severity can be very minimal or catastrophic. No matter what the problem is, don’t panic, pick up the phone and call us 24 hours a day. We are trained and certified to restore your carpet to normal again after the leak has been fixed. So relax we’re just a phone call away!

dirty carpet with flower soil carpet cleaned by carpet cleaners

Ozone treatment

This is the best method if you want to completely eliminate many kinds of odor. It destroys odor causing molecules, and effectiveness is guaranteed. Cigarette smoke, mold, mildew, curry and other cooking odors, are just a few examples of what ozone can handle. It’s also perfect for freshening up automobiles, boats, or aircraft. Call us for details about our ozone deodorizer today!

Other cleaning services

We provide carpet cleaning service but don’t forget we also are equipped to clean the interior of cars, boats, R.V.s, planes, or whatever else might have fabric inside it. We can always adjust our cleaning tactics a little, to do those other special jobs. Just tell our technicians what you need done.