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Carpet Repair And Stretching

Carpet Repair And Stretching

I think almost everybody has a carpet at home – it is comfortable, pleasantly to stay or even sit on, it looks beautiful and makes your home more cozy. But, of course, it is getting older, as everything else in our houses, and doesn’t look so beautiful like it was before because it has some attrition, tears or ripples. What to do in such situation? Should you spend your money to buy a new carpet? So, the best decision – to repair or stretching it. It will save your old favorite carpet from the trash and also will save your money, because new carpet will cost much more than repair of the old one. Consequently, think twice before throwing it out!

How to repair & stretch your carpet in home conditions?

Definitely, you can repair your old carpet at home by yourself. There are a lot of ways of repair in home conditions. It depends on what kind of repair your carpet needs. Probably, you think it is not so hard to do it at home without any help and paying money. I will share different methods and you will see.

So, for the installation you will need:

  • tweezers;

  • scissors, which have the bent ends (it can be manicure scissors);

  • needle;

  • thread;

  • glue;

  • iron.

If you have a little damage on the carpet, you can fix it by restoration of villi. For this you should take a necessary thread (choose the color of carpet), needle and scissors. Insert the thread in the needle and darn the place of damage. But sew out one by one thread for one stitch. At the end, visible ends need to be clipped. Be careful and don’t hurry up!

If you have a big damage it will be harder to fix it, but still it is possible. Mostly, in big damages it is necessary to cut the stencil. The stencil should be the same color as your carpet and has size of the damage. You can paste it with help of glue or sew it out to carpet. If you want to sew it out to the carpet, you should do it from the back (if your carpet doesn’t have long villus) or outside (if your carpet has long villus).

If there are attritions on your carpet,then for repair you will need thread, which suitable for carpet, scissors, glue, iron and piece of cloth. For the beginning, take the thread which you need and cut a lot of villi so length should be equal to those villi which are on the carpet. Then, carefully put glue on attritions, and fill it with villi on the top. Through the cloth, that you took, iron out lightly. Iron should be warm, but not hot. When the glue hardens, you can enjoy your old, but already new carpet.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of ways to repair your carpet at home. But all of these methods need your valuable time and strengths. To save your time and forces there are a lot of companies who will make it for you with high quality and for the fair price. You will not recognize your carpet after their repair and stretching, because it will be new with no damages, clean and beautiful as it looked on the window case.You can also entrust your carpet to Real Deal Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and you can be sure, the best masters will repair it qualitatively and fast. Better spend the time with your family, close people or just rest from work. Don’t think about things about which someone has already taken care. Real Deal Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning took care about it in order to save your time and strengths for things which are more important. I don’t advertise this company, but base on the facts. You can see everything in the web-site – certificates, positive client testimonials and make acquaintance with the services they provide.

Why should not you repair and stretch your old carpet by yourself?

I know that above I briefed you about different methods of repair in home conditions, but now I want to persuade you in opposite. Why it is better to entrust your carpet to professionals or why should not you repair and stretch your old carpet by yourself?

Firstly, as I said above, the masters will repair & stretch it more qualitatively and faster than usual person without any special skills for this can do it. Yes, if there is a very little damage, you can fix it alone, but if there is bigger problem, it is better to pay some money and have your carpet renewed and nice, than “kill” it to the end and, in fine, bring it to the cleaning company anyway and pay higher price than you could pay in the beginning. Therefore, evaluate the level of damage and your capabilities.

So, what kinds of problems are almost impossible to fix at home? It is:

  • Fade-over of dyes;

  • Damage of overlocks on the edges. This happens very often;

  • Through-holes on the carpet. They can appear after falling of heavy objects;

  • Weak carcass of a carpet.

And this is not the full list of damages, which we are not able to fix by ourselves or fix it almost impossible in home conditions. In such situations when damage is serious and weighty, show mercy to yourself and entrust this work to professionals. The masters with experience in this work, with necessary skills and capabilities will take care about it. Not all companies are good at what they do, so it will take time to find a really good company, read client testimonials about those companies, etc. But you can save your time and turn to Real Deal Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning about this. On the web-site you can find all evidence you need to define that this is good company which know what it does.

Thus, let the carpet does not bother you and keeps comfort in your house.