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Top 5 Carpet CleanersTop 5 Carpet Cleaners to Buy For Professional Cleaning

You may clean your carpets with the cleaning machines every day. This is not the guarantee of deep cleaning. Of course, you can refresh your carpet but not clean it in the right way. What about the harmful bacteria and pollutions? If you use hot water, soap and carpet shampoo, you can clean just the carpet surface, or upper layer. This method is good for everyday cleaning. Definitely, it is better to use special cleaning machines to clean your carpet when it is needed or at least once a week or month. Professional carpet cleaners use waving brushes, hot water, steam power, special chemicals to clean your carpet, remove pollutions and make it safe. There is a rate of TOP 5 carpet cleaners. It is changing every day, depending on your needs. One way or another, how can you define the best carpet cleaners? There are general characteristics that can help you: vacuum power, heater, PSI pump.

Vacuum Power

As a rule, carpet cleaning machines are equipped with 2-stage or 3-stage power generators. 3-stage generators are more powerful. They clean faster, but they usually cost big money, even for rent. If you need to clean big territory, you need to get more powerful machine with 3-stage generator.


The pump power is important for steaming and diffusion. The pump pressure is measured by PSI. There are two kinds of pumps: PSI, 100 and 1000 PSI. Of course, more powerful pump provides deep cleaning.


Heater is additional but very important function. Of course, it is not as much important as pump power, but heating improves the quality of cleaning and save your time.

Aqua Power C4 Quick Dry Extractor

The cleaning machine Aqua Power C4 was designed and produced by Rug Doctor to have the highest quality ever. The main characteristics of the cleaning extractor are:
  • Vacuum cleaning, brushing, pump;
  • Big 4-gallons bucket and liquid reservoir;
  • Big wheels to make the machine easy to use and transport;
  • 4-positions controlled handle;
  • Steel construction, alumina and polyethylene.
  • Easy to use;
  • Comfortable to work with the machine on a big territory;
  • Powerful to work for a long time.


The powerful industrial extractor is equipped with the heating system and generator for 2000 W to provide high class cleaning. High temperature and pumping are key factors to clean your carpet in the best professional way. Sandia 80-2100H has enough power and set of functions to work well. The cleaner’s characteristics speak loud:
  • 205” pump power;
  • High temperature from the 2000 W heater;
  • Generator cooling system;
  • Native controlling elements make the process of controlling and protecting easy and fast;
  • Solid controllers and rotation lock;
  • Water reservoirs are big, safe, for 12 gallons;
  • Side regenerative reservoir to collect liquids;
  • Semi-pneumatic wheels for quiet and safe work;
  • 1-year guarantee for details.
  • Powerful pumping;
  • Heating;
  • Native additional reservoir to keep instruments;
  • Easy-Access controlling elements.
Cons The machine is not easy to transport


This is a portable carpet cleaner for 12 gallons. The machine is equipped with high quality details, heating components, two 2-stage generators and 12 gallons. The machine has the list of characteristics:
  • Powerful two-stage vacuum generators;
  • 100-millimeters membrane pump;
  • Additional outer heater for 2000 W;
  • 12-gallons and 11-gallons reservoirs;
  • Big roller-wheels for comfortable transportation and sliding with no slippery;
  • 50-foots connecting cable;
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • Solid construction and high quality materials;
  • Good price;
  • Powerful pump and fast heating;
  • Big reservoirs for liquids and regeneration.

Top 5 Carpet Cleaners to Buy For Professional CleaningSANDIA 86-R3100H SNIPER CLEANER WITH IN-LINE HEATER

The professional cleaner with In-Line heater is the brightest sample of portative carpet cleaners. You can clean not only floor covering and wall carpets, but soft surfaces like sofas, arm chairs, chairs. If you are going to clean carpets or sofas from hard pollutions, you should use 86-R3100H carpet shampoo. Sandia cleaner is equipped with controlling panel, connectors, big comfortable handles and high quality details. Look at the list of numerous Sandia functions and characteristics:
  • Modern powerful 3-stage generator;
  • 100 PSI pump;
  • Generator cooling system;
  • Easy access to all necessary ports and controllers;
  • Special holders to store chemicals and brushes;
  • Airing deflector in the regeneration container;
  • Hot water 205 F;
  • Massive regulating handles;
  • Rotation locker;
  • Automatic vacuum controller;
  • Special reservoirs for distillation and regeneration for 6 gallons;
  • Dust controllers;
  • Additional side reservoir for liquid draining;
  • Strong 10” semi-pneumatic wheels for slide and mobile transportation over the different surfaces;
  • Long 25 pounds cable;
  • 1-year guarantee for cleaner’s details.


Meet Edic Galaxy – popular carpet cleaner. It is famous of its fast heating to get hot water from the cleaner’s reservoir any time. The outer heating helps to keep the cleaner’s details always cool. This is also a chance to prolong the life of vacuum pump. The cleaner is made of steel with the lifetime guarantee. The machine is equipped with two big reservoirs for 12 and 11 gallons. This is a powerful professional cleaner for carpets with broad opportunities. This is right time to meet all its characteristics:
  • Double 3-stage vacuum generators;
  • Powerful regulating pump 500 PSI;
  • Big reservoirs for cleaning liquids for 11 and 12 gallons;
  • 25-pounds high-pressure flexible tubing;
  • Long hydril cable;
  • Easy-drain system;
  • Comfortable handles and control panel;
  • 2-year guarantee for details and life-time guarantee for corpus and waving formations.
  • Big reservoirs;
  • Democratic price;
  • Powerful pumping and 3-stage generators;
  • Easy-reach control elements.
Cons The construction is too heavy for fast transportation, especially on stairs This was the list of TOP 5 carper cleaners that are mostly popular this year. They are different for different functions. Nevertheless, they all are professional cleaning machines. What do you think about this list? Which of them is mostly attractive for your company? Could you please find a minute for sharing your comments? You can also write about the best cleaner that you used to work with. Anyway, thank you for reading! We hope that article information is good enough to find the proper details in the internet. So, choosing the professional cleaner, try to learn its characteristics, pros and cons to make the right decision. Happy shopping!