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Residential Carpet Cleaning

residential carpet cleaningEach of us wants to make the house more comfortable. For this we use different interior objects. Today there’s a wide range of carpets, which impress by their aesthetics and the ability to create comfort. Unfortunately carpet collects dust and clean it can be very difficult. Use a vacuum cleaner isn`t enough, because the dirt inside the pile can stay in the same place. In addition, dirt, bacteria and fungus have a negative impact on the health of all family members. You can solve all these problems by ordering residential carpet cleaning service.


History of the carpet has its roots in the distant past. For many centuries the carpet was a symbol of wealth and works of art. The first ones were woven by hand. According to experts, the first pictures of the yarn appeared in 16-11 centuries BC, and the most ancient carpet was made in the 5th century BC. This object was discovered by archaeologists in the Altai. Today you can buy the carpet of any material with any extraordinary design. But everything in our life needs care and this interior item is no exception.

The main signs that your floor covering is required residential carpet cleaning are:

  • the presence of stains on the carpet pile and glued;

  • discoloration and tarnish the picture;

  • unpleasant odors.

However, the most rational to do a planned carpet cleaning every 6-12 months. Firstly, any carpet eventually becomes home to billions of microbes, place the accumulation of dirt and dust. Dirty carpet detrimental effect on the health of each person. Cleaning carpet by hand just a little help to refresh it, but don`t make it really clean.

Secondly, the dirty carpet catches the eye, and certainly is not fulfilling its main tasks. Thirdly, untimely carpet cleaning becomes a cause of reduction term of their operation. Normal dry cleaning will not remove all the dust and dirt that subsequently leads to its accumulation at the base of the pile and the destruction of carpet.

Do you know what’s inside your carpet can live dust mites? Dust mites are one of the most common causes of asthma. These insects live in mattresses and carpets and feed on dead skin cells that person loses in the amount of 1.5 grams each day. For reproduction mites need humidity above 55% and the temperature 22-26 ° C. In 70% of children with asthma is detected mite allergy. By this time in household dust found around 150 species of mites. Therefore, regular carpet cleaning is very important for health.


Today, professional carpet cleaning makes special companies. They use expensive equipment, effective cleaning products and years of experience. But, they appeared relatively recently. Interesting how our forefathers were cleaning carpets?

Cleaning carpet appeared in the 19th century. This was a result of the Industrial Revolution. But until that time, carpets protected by covering them drugged – coarse woolen cloth. In Europe, the carpet was covered with a special material, like a tarp. But the main tools were brooms, which beat out carpets.

Employees of the company that provides cleaning services can:

  • assess the degree of contamination of the carpet;

  • choose the most suitable cleaning products;

  • recommend the best way to clean;

  • carry out all the procedures for cleaning, disinfection, drying and aromatherapy of the carpet.

Each type of the carpet requires a special approach to cleaning. Wool and wool blend carpets are especially popular because they are natural and have a nice tactile feel. But their cleaning doing with special care. Modern technologies allow producing carpets from synthetic fibers. They are sold at an attractive price, and usually easy to clean. Polypropylene carpets are good that don`t deform by contact with large amounts of water. While jute-based floor coverings don`t accept the impact of the water due to the high probability of shrinkage.

Depending on the type of material, its base and the degree of contamination, selects the most efficient method of cleaning. After the end of complex procedures is observed smoothing of the pile, color recovery and disappearance of stains and odor. Now you can sit with a laptop or play with the kids on your favorite carpet!



Stationary and large carpets can be returned a presentable appearance if address to services of a cleaning company. It really comfortable! In general, residential carpet cleaning provides the following benefits:

  • you choose the time of service;

  • if desired, you can control the quality of work;

  • trusting the professionals, you save your time and physical strength;

  • there`s no need deal with the transportation;

  • company employees will make an individual program of cleaning your carpet;

  • in the workflow used the latest equipment;

  • use of environmentally friendly (green) cleaning products that will delight families with children and pets;

  • the cost of carpet cleaning is quite accessible.

Many people wonder how to remove difficult and old stains. Professional products of leading world manufacturers and high-tech equipment to help easily deduce most of the stains. However, on some contamination will have to work hard. The efficiency removal of contaminants depends on the chemical composition of stains, materials and time. The sooner work will begin, the greater the likelihood that it will be removed. Otherwise, under the influence of external factors, it can be fixed, or to interact with the material.

Home is a place where people feel safe and at the same time free. Home is the place where we spend a lot of time Therefore it`s impossible to neglect the creation of comfortable conditions and the necessity to observe cleanliness. Modern services market provides invaluable help in this difficult matter. So, if your carpet looks and smells bad, don`t rush look for a replacement because quality cleaning can restore his original appearance. Regular residential carpet cleaning helps prolong the life of this remarkable interior item on pleasure to you and your family!