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carpet steam cleanersHow To Choose A Carpet Steam Cleaner?

Carpet steam cleaners might and main advertised in TV shops. Miracle of technology, because these devices are washed, cleaned, disinfected. Is it a magic wand? Perhaps a quality carpet cleaning can be done without steam cleaner, and its popularity is caused by a successful marketing ploy. Is it worth to buy a steam cleaner and how to make the right choice? Let’s deal with us.

Features of steam cleaners

Steam cleaner is a device with a steam generator, originally designed for disinfection in hospitals. The generator produces steam, which is capable of killing bacteria, germs, allergens. That’s why for medical institutions it just rescues. There’re people for whom the steam cleaner can make life easier at home (allergic individuals, asthmatics).
Later, steam cleaner became more functional. In addition to the unit created various nozzles, brushes, and we’ve got a great assistant for housewives. As saying in advertising “two in one: and cleans and disinfects.” A huge plus is environmentally friendly (cleaning without the use of household chemicals) and savings (once bought a steam cleaner, you don’t spend on consumables).
Steam cleaner is a multifunction device, but most often it’s used for carpet cleaning. Because this piece of furniture collecting dust, dirt and germs that conventional vacuum cleaner cannot be removed. The unit consists of a water tank, which is also called steam boiler, the heating element, control panel with start button, hoses and nozzles.
Carpet steam cleaner is quite powerful and inexpensive device, of course, if we are talking about a reliable producer and a proven model. Therefore, not every family budget can buy it. Fortunately, there are specialized companies that provide for rent equipment or themselves provide cleaning services.
Operating principle of steam cleaner consists in the following. First container fills with water. Then the device must be connected to the mains supply, as a result the heating element will work. After some time, under the influence of temperature, the water in the tank starts to pass into the gaseous state. Then you need to click on the start button and steam under high pressure to break out of the holes in the nozzle. Steam cleaners operate almost silently and it’s good, especially if you intend to use it frequently.


 Let’s try to list the advantages of carpet steam cleaners:
  • clean;
  • disinfects;
  • de-greasing;
  • leaves no traces of scale and streaks;
  • Eco-friendly and harmless to health;
  • easy to use;
  • it replaces several items of household appliances.

Types of carpet steam cleaners

The correct choice of the manufacturer is very important. Believe, no steam cleaner produced by “unknown hero”, even with loud promises and mediocre technical characteristics, will not surprise you. Prefer trusted brand (Karcher, Ariete, Thomas, Delonghi etc.). You will be sure to result. Further, decide which you need a steam cleaner. They represented on the market in three main types, namely, handheld, portable, and steam vacuum cleaners. Handheld steam cleaners
Handheld steam cleaners are small in size, they are easy to storage and use not expensive. The only downside is their weight. The fact is that you have to hold in your hand contraption weighing about two kilograms during a particular period of time. We hope you understand that this is not entirely comfortable. But if you aren’t going to clean the carpet and the whole house every day then this is a good option.
Portable carpet steam cleaners
Portable carpet steam cleaners are representatives of the so-called golden mean. They look like a small vacuum cleaner, and you will not need during the cleaning handle tank with steam, because it will be on the floor. These models are equipped with a variety of nozzles, such as for cleaning different carpets, for cleaning hard to reach areas, for cleaning various kitchen surfaces etc.
Vacuum steam cleaners
Vacuum steam cleaners are suitable for use in professional cleaning. They are quite expensive, powerful and effective. Often combines the functions of washing hot and cold steam. If you are supporter of the ideal purity in the house, then you have to shell out for the purchase of such a professional assistant. Or several times a year to apply to specialized companies, which will clean any carpet, regardless of the type of pile.

Technical specifications

When choosing a carpet steam cleaner is necessary to pay attention to the following specifications:
  1. It’s a measure of speed cleaning. The larger this value, the faster the steam is generated and, accordingly, better cleaned surface. It’s recommended to buy a model with a capacity of 1000 watts;
  2. Moisture control. This is a very useful option. You can choose the dry and wet steam for different pollutions and various types of surfaces. The fact is that some carpets react very badly to excess moisture, but such function allows to solve this problem;
  3. The volume of the tank. This parameter generally ranges from 500 ml to several liters. For example, a liter of the tank sufficient for 20-30 minutes of cleaning. Then the water will have to refill;
  4. Steam pressure. If this indicator is less than 3 bar, the old dirt such steam cleaner doesn’t remove. In professional models the pressure reaches 5-6 bar;
  5. Additional functions. Options such as steam locking system, protection against children, the safety valve, will be very useful. This will give you a proper safety level, because incorrect operation with hot steam can cause burns.


The carpet steam cleaners become reliable friends for people living in the 21st century and appreciating cleanliness and comfort in their own homes. Is it worth buying?  Our answer is certainly yes. Taking into account all the possibilities for steam cleaners and the need to keep clean your carpet, this device will really be helpful.
But if you have no money to buy a good model, it’s better twice a year apply to a professional company that provides cleaning services. In addition, the carpets aren’t always react well to steam cleaners, so to protect your treasure from the damage, doesn’t need to risk. Weigh the pros and cons and make the right decisions! We know you can do it!