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House Carpet Cleaning Services

Hardly anyone would argue that the carpet is one of the best interior decoration. But if you do not properly care for it, the carpet can become a source of contamination’s, harmful microbes and unpleasant smells. In addition, sometimes there are troubles such as shedding on the carpet tea, coffee or juice. Because of this, on the carpet appear spots that spoil its appearance. Therefore, any carpet needs proper care and regular carpet cleaning services. This helps to keep it durable and beautiful for a long time.

Carpet Cleaning Services

What ought to know the owner of carpet

Of course, if suddenly the carpet has been stained with coffee, it is necessary to take immediate action to remove it. But the great mistake would be to think that it is necessary to clean carpet only when it becomes dirty, so it is quite noticeable. Even if the dirt and stains at the carpet is not outwardly appreciably, it must be cleaned regularly. This should be done not only for reasons of hygiene. Not visible to the naked eye, particles of various contaminants are harmful to the carpet pile and contribute to its accelerated abrasion. That’s why they should be timely removed. The easiest way is regular vacuuming the carpet.  
There are many recommendations on how to clean the carpet and remove spots by own strength. Some of these tips can quite help, especially if the stains are fresh. For example, simple laundry soap can remove the fresh stain of tea or coffee. A stain is necessary to rub with dry soap. After a few minutes the stain wipe with a sponge soaked in cold water. Another example: grease stains can be removed with a mixture of starch and gasoline.
There are a lot of recommendations how to clean carpets with the help of home remedies. But keep in mind that in order to properly determine which substances can be applied to a certain type of carpet, it is necessary to have special knowledge. For example, universal detergents cannot be used for cleaning carpets of natural wool, since they are too aggressive for this material. Also for cleaning wool carpets bleaches should not be used. Correctly choose the cleaning method and execute it, using professional techniques and equipment can specially trained professionals. Carpet cleaning services is one of the types of activity of our company.

Methods of professional carpet cleaning services

Professional treatment is a deep two-sided cleaning and washing carpets, using specialized equipment and high-quality detergents. Usage of modern technologies allows the removing of carpet dirt not only from the surface, but also from its foundations. Specially equipped industrial workshop ensures compliance with all the cleaning stages. First, the carpet is covered with a solution of specialized detergents that contain active particles of deep penetration. Thus, the dust and deep dirt are pushing out, and it becomes possible easily remove any even inveterate stains and dust which ingrained in the pile. Then the machine carpet cleaning is performing with the help of brushes that penetrate deep into the pile of the carpet but do not damage it.
Professional carpet cleaning services with the help of modern equipment allows not only to clean the carpet from dirt and stains, but also to remove unpleasant odours. Cleaning is carried out using detergents that do not contain harmful allergens and chemical substances. After this treatment, you should not worry if a child is playing on the carpet or the carpet in the room, where there are people predisposed to allergy.

House Carpet Cleaning ServicesProfessional carpet cleaning at home

Professional cleaning can be performed not only in a specially equipped workshop, but also at customer’s home. One of the advantages is that the work is carried out at a convenient time for the customer, in a single day. After cleaning, the customer has the opportunity to immediately assess the quality of work. In addition, there is no need to spend money to deliver the carpet to the company that will carry out its cleaning.
If carpet cleaning at home is carried out by experts, the client doesn’t have to choose the most suitable detergents himself, study their characteristics to find out whether they are suitable for the carpet, and then to perform the laborious cleaning. Thus, the client saves a lot of time and effort, and the result always turns out better than if he carried out the work himself.
One of the main technological methods used in professional carpet cleaning services at home, is an extraction method. It enables to remove dirt, dust and virtually any stains from shoe polish to traces of a ballpoint pen. After cleaning, the pile remains soft and picture – bright and crisp. Processing is carried out by means of special machines, dressed with the reactive cleaning agent that is applied to the surface with a pump, and then a vacuum cleaner gently collects dirt and dust. Then the carpet dries naturally. If the process needs to be accelerated, drying is carried out with the help of fan heaters.
Extractor cleaning has several advantages. First of all, it is possible promptly to carry out the processing of large surfaces. Extractor cleaning gives long-lasting effect: the next deep cleaning may be required no earlier than six months. When cleaning, only harmless substances that do not cause allergies are used. The whole procedure of extraction cleaning takes less than four hours.
Sometimes it is necessary to quickly eliminate strong local pollution (for example, chronic stains, spots of unknown origin, chewing gum, or the traces of dirty shoes on the carpet). In these cases, the methods of intensive cleaning are applied. The technology is similar to the extraction cleaning; the difference lies only in the individual approach to each kind of contamination, even on the same carpet.
If the carpet is perfectly clean, it will not only decorate the room, but it is an important element of compliance with home hygiene. Carpet purity maintaining is also an important element in of its longevity. Our company provides professional services of any type of carpet cleaning. Our experts can determine what type of cleaning is required for your carpet, and will perform the work accurately.