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Hardwood Flooring – Solid & Engineered

Wood was and remains one of the basic building materials. Wood’s worth lies in the fact that it is a natural, environmentally friendly material. Elements of interior, made of wood, provide a home comfort; they distinguish by the beauty and have a noble appearance. This applies particularly to floor coatings, which largely determine the appearance of the interior. Very popular is hardwood flooring, which have many attractive qualities and performed in three basic versions.

Hardwood Flooring – Solid & Engineered

Solid hardwood flooring

Solid board is a whole homogeneous board from one type of wood. Hardness, strength, texture and color depend on the species of wood used. Floor of wooden boards is warm to the touch. It requires no underneath floor heating.
The most common material for hardwood flooring is an oak. Flooring made of oak is a little susceptible to dents and scratches. Oak wood has a beautiful and clear-cut texture. Another popular wood for flooring is an ash. Ash is a type of wood very similar to the oak, but an ash is even stronger. Baseball-bats and handles for garden tools are usually made of ash. These examples clearly show as far this tree is strong.
If you are looking for a solid light wood, you should pick a maple. Maple is very solid. Practically no dents occur on it under the influence of mechanical stress. Maple wood has virtually no pores. Therefore maple wood poorly absorbs the paint and is not suitable for coloring in dark tones. But light maple floor looks very aesthetically pleasing. Maple has sprawling texture which is more refined than that of other types of wood.
Flooring of hardwood can be sanded repeatedly returning to its original appearance.

Engineered hardwood

It is a wooden floor, which consists of three different layers. The top layer (the one which we see) is made of wood such as oak, beech or ash. Sometimes are used the exotic woods (acacia, wenge). Middle layer is a solid plate consisting of thin glued softwood lamellas. The third layer is a spruce wood with thickness of 2 mm. Thus, the total thickness of the engineered floorboard consists of the thickness of all three layers, and its appearance and performance is directly dependent on the material and thickness of the top layer.
By appearance flooring of solid wood and of engineered hardwood do not differ from each other. As for strength, thanks to its design, three-layer board is more resistant to external influences: the fibres of its middle layer are perpendicular to the fibers of the lower and upper layers, and it protects the floorboard from the deformation. With proper care, a three-layer engineered floorboard will serve about 20-25 years, and it is a considerable period.
Laying of wood flooring is a simple and fast process, it can be done independently, having certain skills and simple tools.

Hardwood FlooringParquet

Parquet is flooring consisting of small boards, laid out in a certain way. In fact, solid wood is the same parquet, but “parquet” commonly called small plates; that’s why parquet usually is isolated in a separate category.
Parquet is the most expensive and complex type of flooring. It looks very elegant, and artistic parquet can be safely called a work of art – the master is able to create the real “parquet picture” on the floor.
Parquet (hard wood) made of oak looks very solid. He is strong, beautiful, with a pronounced texture. Fumed oak, spending some time in the water, has an original color – it can vary from brown-green to black.
Parquet made of beech wood is also very beautiful. It has an elegant appearance, is durable, and does not crack over time. It has a homogeneous structure, and the yellow-red shades give the room warmth and comfort. Beech can be perfectly ground and polished. If it is sawn radially, in its texture appear small fragments that look like dark dashes. It adds originality to the appearance of parquet.
Ash has light shades of yellow, the original pattern texture at slice. This is a strong elastic wood, very convenient for machining. Maple flooring over time changes color from white to honey. It effectively contrasts with the dark furniture. Walnut wood gives a clear relief pattern, warm and deep. Walnut is firm, resistant to deformation and not cracks during drying.

Care of hardwood flooring

Flooring made of wood will long remain in good condition if you are adapting them to the room humidity. To the wood does not swell and does not dry out, use air humidifiers in winter (heating) season and, on the contrary, in summer use dehumidifiers. The average optimal temperature for hard species of wood is 18-24 °C. When caring for wood floors, use a vacuum cleaner and wet cleaning, but rag mustn’t be too moistened. It should be slightly moist but not wet.
However, humidity is not the only enemy of the wooden floors. They can be spoiled by the ordinary furniture. When moving, furniture can scratch the surface of the flooring. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, use the special mats, with which you can move the furniture around the room.
To make hardwood flooring for a long time maintained an aesthetically attractive appearance, it is necessary to choose the right special means to care for them. It is not recommended to use an oil-based sprays and cleaners containing acids, alkalies and abrasives.
If the floor is covered with lacquer, and the stains by shoe cream or chocolate were formed on it, it is suitable to remove them with the help of cleaning agents based on alcohol. Traces of pencils, pens, colored crayons better to remove by methanol, diluted with water (1: 1).
Wood is a reliable, aesthetic and environmentally friendly material for flooring. The flooring of hardwood decorate the interior, it is beautiful and durable. Depending on the designer concept and the financial capacity of house owner, the wooden floors can be performed in various variants, from different types of wood. A variety of types of wood floor, wood species and styles is extremely large. In order to decide which floor to choose, please contact our company and we will offer you the best solution for the choice of solid wooden boards, parquet or engineered hardwood.