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Green Carpet Care

Importance of Organic Carpet Cleaners

What do you know about the green carpet care? What is the difference between traditional carpet cleaning and green carpet care? Let’s find out altogether! green-carpet-care If you want to clean your carpet you probably use the most powerful and effective cleaning reagents. They are toxic! Every time toxic cleaners are used, there’s a heavy impact on your environment. It does not matter whether the cleaners are poured, sprayed, washed, rinsed, or dumped; the harmful effects are the same. When you use strong chemicals to remove a dirty spot out of your carpet, you risk adding toxins to the air and to the water, both of which come back to you and are shared with the public. If you are not sure whether your cleaning products are harmful to you and the environment, take a look at the product labels to see the various types of chemical ingredients they are made of. The list is rather surprising! There must be a healthier organic alternative for the usual toxic products! Carpet cleaners are no different. If you are concerned about this issue, and would like to use products that are healthier for you and the environment, consider organic cleaning products. Organic carpet cleaners, for example, are mostly dry cleaners that are much less harmful than traditional chemicals you use for carpet cleaning.

Dangers of Cleaning Chemicals

Most of the popular brands of carpet cleaners that are sold in the stores can be quite harmful because they are made with chemical solvents that are very similar to the ones used by dry cleaners. The most common carpet cleaners give off powerfully strong odors that can aggravate a number of chronic respiratory conditions and allergies.


Some of the harmful ingredients that may be found in carpet cleaners include:

  • Pesticides
  • Formaldehyde
  • Disinfectants
  • Fragrances
  • Acids
There is a way to avoid using them! Learn more about the green carpet care!

Why Should I Use Organic Carpet Cleaners?

Organic carpets don’t give off the noxious fumes that regular carpet can. Toxic fumes from carpet come from the synthetic fibers, the chemicals used in the manufacture, as well as the chemicals used to treat it. Your carpet padding can be treated with equally harmful chemicals. These toxic chemicals usually cause allergic reactions and other irritations to people and pets. But this is the least damage you may have. One of the main benefits of organic carpet cleaners is that they don’t pollute the air. Green carpet care includes such only cleaners that are healthier for you and they’re healthier for your environment. Traditional carpet cleaners generally leave a concentrated vapor hanging in the air, which causes indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution is a very serious concern, as it can cause sneezing, headaches, nausea, asthma attacks, irritation to the lungs, nose, and eyes, coughing, congestion, fatigue, and a host of other symptoms. Wow, what a long list! By using organic carpet cleaners, the potential for mold growth is greatly reduced. Why? The most of organic cleaners are dry. The environment where mold spores readily sprout and flourish is minimized. Once mold develops in a carpet or carpet pad, it is nearly impossible to remove. The only alternative at that point is to replace all of it.

Points to Consider

The most important point to consider is staying away from those harmful chemicals that are typically found in commercially sold carpet cleaners. It is better to buy organic carpet cleaners or call for the green carpet care services for the sake of your family’s health. There are other alternatives that you can consider when you’re planning to have a greener home and work environment. For example, you could look into purchasing an organic carpet made with natural materials. A very safe carpet to purchase is one made of 100% natural wool fibers. Carpet is not your only alternative for floor covering. Remember that alongside all-natural carpets made of wool or hemp, you can also elect to have natural wood flooring, not pressed or chipped board. This also makes your environment healthy! Did you buy a lovely bright carpet to put on your floor? Be sure to use proper backing; natural rubber is a good one. And then there’s the fixative. Sometimes the glue used can give off toxic fumes that linger for a long time after the flooring is installed. Check with your installer to make certain that they are using the safest products for everyone. One simple and effective product for deodorizing carpet between major cleanses is baking soda. You can sprinkle this dry substance freely over your carpet. Leave it for 30 minutes or as long as overnight; then vacuum. If you’ve ever used baking soda in your refrigerator, then you know how effective it is at removing odors. It can do the same for your carpet. green-carpet-rug-vacuuming The conclusion is: the best organic carpet cleaners are biodegradable and nontoxic. It is equally important to ensure a product’s packaging is made from 100% recycled material. If you want your carpets to be professionally cleaned, you should know that there are professional organic carpet cleaners who specialize in natural cleaning of even the dirtiest carpets. If you have trouble locating professional organic carpet cleaners locally, try searching online to see if you can find one that is close to your area. Green carpet care is always available. Moreover, using organic cleaners becomes popular now. What about heavy stains and old pollutions? As a rule, the old pollutions are difficult to recover. Do you think that green carpet care is enough to dissolve them? Think big! All organic cleaners can be easily used all together with modern cleaning machines and innovative cleaning methods. It usually helps to penetrate organic reagents deep into the carpet hair and destroy pollutions to the full. Such popular modern cleaning methods as steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning and others can be easily applied with the help of organic cleaners! You should try it right now!