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Fire damage and cause effective steps towards your welfareFire damage and cause

If your home became the fire victim you can lose everything that is cherished and valuable. The last thing you want to think is cleaning. Everybody knows that cleaning home after fire is rather complicated and dangerous work, as far as burning materials separate the toxic reagents. What is more, you need to use special equipment and cleaning reagents. That is why many people prefer entrusting this dangerous work to professionals. They are fully right! There are many cleaning services, which are ready to help, knowing everything about fire damage and cause.

Cleaning tips

If your home suffered from fire, there was no time to think about cleaning. It is better to follow a few important rules to remove the traces of burning, preparing your home or office for repairs in the best way. The main rule is not to put away the cleaning procedure for later. In course of time the apartment will be fully infiltrated with a black smoke. Sometimes, it is impossible to make the smoke away.
Cleaning your home is, probably, the most difficult, diligent and challenging work. Those people, who saw the room after fire or water flood, understand that it is impossible to clean up everything without the professional approach. To do everything in the best way you need to have the proper experience, knowledge, special equipment and chemical reagents.
Key points:
First of all, you need to take away all furniture, wasted things, carpeting, curtains and glassesе, using the rubber gloves. The walls, floor and ceiling need to be firstly cleaned with the help of the vacuum cleaner. The last cleaning measure is brushing the damaged surfaces. Besides, in spite of the air changing, it is recommended to use special deodorizing reagents, ready to fight against the smoke and other harmful smells.

 Solving the problem on your own

If you decided to solve the problem on your own, it is important to take fast and serious measures. Do not put away the cleaning procedure for later! With the curse of times it will be difficult to remove the harmful fire damage and cause. Usually, cleaning process depends on the damage type. Nevertheless, it is important to keep a few general rules concerning the safe cleaning procedure:
  • Remove the wasted and burnt furniture carefully;
  • Wash the walls and flooring with the scrubbing brush and special washing reagent;
  • Saved furniture and other soft surfaces it is better to send to be cleaned and mended;
  • Change the ventilation filter and screen;
  • It is not recommended to switch on or clean burnt electric and illumination tools without the special consultation.

Smoke: what is wrong with it?

Removing the smell out of your apartment is a long and difficult process. The point is that burning materials separate different harmful synthetic resins and smells, which usually infiltrate your furniture and other surfaces deeply. This is the reason, why the black smoke cannot be easily removed out of the damaged territory. This is not the case, when you can get away just with the airing.
To remove the smoke you need to use special deodorizing reagents for working up the flooring, walls and ceiling and the rest of survived furniture, carpets, textile, household tools, clothes, bed sheets, towels and other saved stuffing. Follow the instructions and carefully observe safety measures.
These are the general rules you need to keep in mind, fighting against the smoke. There are few effective methods to remove the harmful resins in the best way:

Mechanical method

This simple method is predicted to use various brushes and other sharp things to remove the black smoke out from everywhere. You have to change the burnt covering and replace the carving stones. The method needs time and physical efforts. There is no guarantee in a good result.

Washing method

This is the way to remove smoke, using nothing else but usual washing materials that you use in everyday life. This is also not a result you want to reach. As a rule, all standard washing reagents are predicted to remove dirt and dust just out of the surfaces without the deep infiltration. Everyone knows that smoke is featured to gather in masses deeply inside the things.

Chemical method

This is a usual thing for people, who suffered from fire, to say “Good buy” to their lovely things for the reason they could not save them. Listen to the advice! There are many things you can save with the help of modern equipment and washing materials – the high-solid removers, invented specially for removing fire damage. It is enough to mix a small amount of the professional liquid with water (it is better to use warm water) and apply the substance on a damaged area with the help of brush. All you need is to water your stuff in a while. There is not a mite left! Thus, in spite of the removal substances are safe and effective, it is better to use them carefully.

fire damage and causeFire damage and cause: effective steps towards your welfare

Reading these lines, you need to make a conclusion. Do not even think of cleaning everything on your own. As it was told before, the toxicity of all burnt materials is very high, though dangerous. All methods and materials that were mentioned in this article are predicted to prepare your home to repairs or cleaning just a small damaged territory. There are many special companies, who know, what the professional cleaning means, doing this with the hands of the experienced and specially prepared people.
The company offer:
  • Collecting and liquidating the garbage;
  • Washing the damaged surfaces;
  • Washing the walls, ceiling and floor with the help of chemical substances to remove smoke;
  • Using the special concentrated liquids to remove the harmful smell out from everywhere;
  • Organization the apartment with the help of special equipment.
There are also numbers of additional services you may need: removing the old and damaged carpeting, wall covering and decoration items, electricity restoration, painting works, dry cleaning and others. They know what a harmful damage the fire causes! Cooperating with the professionals, you realize that there are many things around you to check and restore. Things cannot be all that bad! Besides, professional cleaning is much cheaper than and effective than a home renovation.