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Expert Carpet Cleaning Tips by Contraries

What is the difference between home cleaning and expert carpet cleaning? How to clean and dry carpets in the right way? Is it possible to clean carpet at home and reach the best result? What are the rules of carpet cleaning? You know, cleaning carpets at home, you usually do not think of the result. You should learn some information about how to damage a carpet or the list of typical mistakes that people usually do cleaning carpets at home.

This is Not the Way to Dry Carpets

 Firstly, you should not dry your wet carpet on tenterhooks. It changes the form of the carpet and its structure. There is one big reason for it: deformation because of heavy water (if the carpet is made of natural materials).
Secondly, it is not recommended to dry carpet close to road ways and other sources of dust.
Thirdly, it is not recommended to dry carpets in direct sunlight – the carpet changes colors.
In fourth, it is better to dry carpet fast to avoid bad smelling. By the way, expert carpet cleaning companies recommend to dry carpets is specialized rooms, tables, floor, or special stands. It is necessary to provide air circulation with optimal temperature and wetness.

Expert Carpet Cleaning

This is Not the Way to Clean Carpets

Short hair carpets that are made of synthetic hair without using glue or other water resistant materials are available for washing. They are 40%. The rest of Carpets are available to clean by using special cleaning apparatus and reagents. Cleaning mistakes lead to carpet damages.
It is prohibited to wash carpets at home, especially, if they are made of silk, wool, glue, cotton, bright colors. There are 95% cases of carpet damages.
The silk carpets are not recommended to clean with vacuum cleaner or hard brush. This type of carpets is afraid of wet cleaning and hot drying. It is afraid of strong chemicals, chlorides, soap and shampoo. It is prohibited to use steam generator.
The viscose carpets are not recommended to wash with hard brushes. This sort of carpets is afraid of chlorides, turbo brushes. As a rule, viscose carpets sink in water. So, you must be careful, cleaning carpets with water.
The carpets made of cotton are afraid of washing. It is prohibited to wash them. Just dry cleaning method is recommended.
The synthetic carpets also need special attention. Of course, if the carpet is not based on glue platform, you can wash and brush it easily. The carpets are afraid of direct sunlight. Be careful.
Woven carpets are afraid of water and snow. You should clean them with dry cleaning method.
It is not easy to choose right technology. It is important to know much about carpet qualities. There are many expert carpet cleaning services that are ready to help with the word and doing. If you have a chance and possibility, it is better to trust to professional cleaners. They use professional cleaning methods and equipment.

Expert Carpet Cleaning tipsTOP Mistakes to Avoid

There are many cleaning mistakes that people usually do when they decided to clean carpets at home, far from professional equipment. These mistakes are mostly connected with spots, smell and other problems. So, it is important to know them by face to protect all kinds of carpet surfaces.

Hard Active Cleaning to Remove Spots

Of course, it is good that you want to remove spots in the best way. You can easily damage your carpet if you will do this too fast and active. This is problematic and ineffective measure of cleaning carpets, especially woolen carpets. You can damage the hair of carpet. It is better to dust the spot carefully with the soft dust or napkin.

You Waited Too Long

You should not wait long to start cleaning. The spots penetrate into the carpet hair and base. As the result of this, you have to call for dry carpet cleaning. Otherwise, your carpet will be spotted, wet and bed-smelling.

Using Wrong Chemicals

 Using wrong chemicals leads to colorlessness and fibers damages. It is important to learn everything about one or another chemical that you are planning to use. How can you do that? Firstly, you should learn everything about your carpet: structure, materials, age. It is also important to read specification.

Your Carpet Needs Tests

The market is full of different cleaning materials of different brands. Using one or many of them, you have to tests your carpet. It is better to make tests somewhere in the corner to protect carpet from damages. Remember, chemical composition of all washing reagents that you are going to use is very important. You know, it is like coloring your hair!

Wrong Dosing

There is one simple rule: clean carpet smells good. People use deodorization as additional branch of cleaning service. There is a group of people, who think that dirty bad-smelling carpet is enough to apply with deodorizing chemicals. They are wrong. The small particles of deodorizing reagents continue gathering in the carpet hair for some time. It is dangerous if your vacuum cleaner is not powerful to remove them all.

Too Much Washing Materials

There is an interesting opinion: the more the better. It is not about carpets and washing reagents. You carpet is not clean, if it is full of aromatic washing components. You carpet can be damaged, dirty and filled with wasted washing components.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Was Ignored

Do you visit your dentists often? Your teeth are like your carpets. You have to clean them professionally at least one in 6 months. It helps to keep it clean and prevent damages. Dry carpet cleaning is recommended to take once in 3 months. This is the necessary component to help your carpet to live long. The most of carpet producers recommend calling for professional cleaners once a year. This is the important condition to keep guaranty. Clean carpet is fresh and healthy atmosphere.

Defected Washing Equipment for Rent

Of course, you want your carpet to be clean. So, you decided to rent professional cleaning equipment to take care of your carpet. Good for you! Are you sure it is ok? Damaged equipment causes more defects and damages than use.  If you are not professional cleaner, it is better to stay away from professional equipment.
Consider these mistakes to have fresh healthy carpet. Expert carpet cleaning companies can help you!