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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

comercial carpet cleaningWell kept floor covering is the price of employee health and an important part of the external splendor of the office. Interior which has carpets looks much more attractive. They help to create a pleasant atmosphere to work and effectively muffle the various sounds from the steps and work of laptops. But all these advantages fade into the background when the results of external influence on them become visible. Commercial carpet cleaning is an important expenditure item of the enterprise, so to understand the essence of it is really necessary.


Even if your company has a special staff, cleaning of carpets is usually done traditionally with a vacuum cleaner. But even a careful daily cleaning of floor covering doesn’t provide a sufficient level of purity. Dust and dirt penetrate into the pile and get stuck there. As a result, the carpet loses its original properties and appearance. Trying to work on the removal of dirt from the pile with own hands usually lead to a deterioration of the situation: pre-soaked dirt particles stick to each other and to the pile. Congealing, they turn into a crust of dirt that is difficult to remove.

Commercial carpet cleaning isn`t a luxury, it`s a necessity of modern business. To determine as far you need this service at this time pay attention to the following points:

  • bad smell in the room;

  • high attendance office;

  • the presence of dust in the air (it is particularly well seen in the sun);

  • the life of carpet more than a year;

  • color fogging, untidy pile;

  • stains.

If you notice any of these signs then it `s time to carry out a qualified carpet cleaning. The advantage of this service is the ability to control the quality of work at all stages. It`s worth noting that even the most complex order can be executed in a single day. You can call the professionals at any time convenient for you. Very often, the company orders carpet cleaning at the weekend or at night, in order not to disturb employees carries out their duties.

Cleaning Methods

Cleaning staff of our company can use some of the existing methods with their own hands, but the most effective cleaning without the knowledge and special equipment cannot be realized. The first method is steam cleaning. In this case water in a special vacuum cleaner is mixed with cleaning agents then occurs directly carpet cleaning.

Another effective way is to dry cleaning. Here the powder is scattered across the carpet and with the help of its action removes dirt and bacteria from the carpet pile. This method has the same disadvantage as the steam cleaning: possible allergic to cleaning agents. Another method of cleaning carpets is cleaning with foam.

One of the newest and most professional way is a method extractor. This method`s ideal for carpet with pile. There`s the introduction of cleaning products to the structure of the surface being cleaned. Then the carpet is exposed to a vacuum treatment. Thus, we cannot worry about the fact that the used cleaning agent remains on the surface of carpet, as it`s removed completely.

In addition, application of this method provides marvelous result. Due to the penetration of cleaning agents directly to the root of the pile, carpet is completely cleaned of dust, harmful bacteria and mites. It should also be noted that this way does not lead to deformations of the pile, which is possible using the previous methods. This commercial carpet cleaning can be done only by professionals who have all the necessary means at hand.

Cleaning Stages

As practice shows, commercial carpet cleaning procedure consists of the following stages.

  1. Step №1. At this stage, specialists will explore your carpet, determine its type and material, constitute a “anamnesis” of pollution and choose cleaning products.

  2. Step №2. The second step is cleaning by extraction machine. Cleaning products, which dissolves dirt, under pressure is distributed across the carpet and then sucked back.

  3. Step №3. If there`re traces of the old and stubborn dirt, the cleaning is carried out using a rotary disk filing machine. Its circles exert mechanical action on the carpet, removing even the toughest stains.

  4. Step №4. Eliminating local pollution (grease stains) made by hand with the help of professional stain removers.

  5. Step №5. The final “cleansing”, and drying is also carried out using the extraction machine. Final drying of carpet happens under natural conditions and takes 6-10 hours depending on the temperature and humidity.

  6. Step №6. For elimination of persistent odors using special solutions. In offices are used additional protective means for prevention of contamination.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Pricing

How much is the commercial carpet cleaning? Better to ask “How much is your health worth?”. Carpets, protecting us from the cold, can be dangerous for the respiratory tract: dust, bacteria and microorganisms are able to break the resistance of even the most persistent immunity. Well-known dust mites can significantly degrade the life of office employees.

In order carpet cleaning price will depend upon such variables as the area of floor covering, its composition (material), the type and height of the pile and the presence of stubborn stains. The final cost of the service can be found in the company that will carry out cleaning. As a rule, before starting work, the expert goes to the object to assess, to make the schedule, and to sign a contract with a client.

To the note can be taken that the cleaning of carpets in the complex cleaning will be cheaper. Many cleaning companies also offer attractive discounts to their regular customers and in case of signing a long-term contract.

Implementation of measures for creation a comfortable and safe workplace be deemed not equally important objective than generating income. It doesn’t depend on which business field you are working If your office has a carpeted floors, then without regular brushing it quickly will look bad. In conclusion, we can only recommend refer to the cleaning company with experience and clear reputation. If you don`t want to have a pain in the neck, make a commercial carpet cleaning timely.