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How to Clean Carpet

My friend watered her chic Indian hand-made carpet with coffee. She felt sorry to herself. The carpet was beautiful, chic and very expensive. There are two popular variants. Which of them do you prefer? The first thing is call for dry-cleaner’s – of course, you have to pay money for it. The second thing is using one of the best-selling cleaning reagents. It is not expensive, but you have to be careful, as far as your carpet may be decolorized and defected.

How to Clean Carpet Cleanly and Ecological

Of course, you, probably, do not have a hand-made Indian carpet in your house. Nevertheless, the spots of tea and coffee do not make them gloss. There are many people, who prefer cleaning carpets on their own efforts. So, how to clean carpet?

Clearing through the carpet

Your carpet does not like:
Hot water;
Hard brush;
Against the hair” cleaning;
Dampness (it makes your carpet thin and defected with the curse of time).
All methods that you choose can be effective for cleaning if you use them immediately. It can be really difficult to remove old spots.
Pay attention to the chemicals instruction. Thus, there are many reagents that are predicted to clean just synthetic hair, but not natural carpets. Though, it is better to try cleaning the small carpet area first.

Traditional remedies

Season with salt:
It is popular cleaning method – cleaning your carpet with salt. Sounds interesting! You should take a usual salt, floor your carpet, scrub it with wet brush and clean. The procedure should be taken for a couple of times. Then, the carpet must be cleaned with vacuum cleaner to the full. The method is easy and cheap!
Using snow:
Obviously, this method is effective for cleaning just in winter. All you need is taking your carpet out of the house to be well-cleaned with snow. Do not make it wet! It is enough to sprinkle the surface with snow for a couple of times.
Home-made spots removals
Removing newly mane spots is much easier than waiting. If you watered your cover and cannot find any suitable cleaning materials near at hand – do not be upset. Yes, the spot looks awful, spoiling the rooms view and perfect condition. You may try one of the popular traditional methods to clean carpet to mend a situation.
If you watered your carpet with tea or coffee, you have to soup up liquid with the dry cloth. Then you should brush the spot with the soap liquid.
If you have a dry old spot, you should make it wet with the help of glycerin and stay for a night. Then, all you need is brush the spot with the soap liquid carefully.
Just-maid spots should be cleaned with a soft wet brush. The rest that is left is drying the carpet in the best way.
Having a big dirty spot, it is not recommended to clean it immediately. Just dry it and remove by means of your vacuum cleaner or special brush.
There is one not bad remedy for cleaning your carpet: mix of 1 doze of cleaner, 1 doze of wine vinegar, 1 liter of warm water. This is the right measure to remove spots of fruits, salads, chocolate. The spots must be “fresh” to reach the best positive result.

How to clean carpet and refresh its color

Traditionally, you have to clean carpet twice a year to make it fresh. There are a couple of methods to do this:
Using the ammonia liquids: 2 dozens of alcohol, 1 liter of water – just apply this substance on your carpet accurately. Then you should dry the carpet and air the room.
Using the mix of salt and lemon acid: 1 liter of water, 1 dozen of salt, 2 dozens of lemon acid – brush this substance into the carpet.

clean carpetCleaning – it makes you dizzy

This kind of cleaning should be made with the help of wet duster or soft brush. The shampoo liquid (as a rule, it is enough to take 1 dozen of shampoo and 1 liter of water) should be applied on the carpet surface. Try to rub the substance into the carpet carefully. It is not recommended to mix different kinds of cleaning shampoos.
Attention! It is also recommended to use just special materials for carpet cleaning. Using your own shampoo, you make the situation worse, causing defects. You carpet hair will be cold, dry, hard and sticky to touch.
To clean your carpet without using water and different washing materials you should use special dry combination for carpet cleaning. First of all, you have to clean your carpet by means of your vacuum cleaner. The, you may use powder to cover your carpet surface. Left the situation out of your control for a couple of hours and remove the powder with your vacuum cleaner. It smells really good!
Foam carpet cleaning
There are many different cleaning combinations. As a rule, they contain: alkali, alcohols, abrasives and other materials, chosen to dissolve dust and other pollutions. Unlike this, foam cleaning supposes cleaning your carpet with foam, free from intensive water. It is better to use special vacuum header for this aim. All you need is waiting for an hour and removing the dirty foam out of your carpet with the vacuum cleaner.
Look at the shop window! There are many specialized cleaning materials for sale: spots removals, powders, shampoos, aerosols. You can buy any of them. There is also a nice opportunity to use traditional remedies. As you can see, there are many ways to clean carpet. If you prefer using the newest cleaning materials – go ahead! Anyway, the effectiveness of one or another cleaning method depends on your rapidness – the older the spot is, the more efforts you should spend to remove it. If you could not make away with your pollution’s on your own, try to use one of numerous cleaning services. Thus, professional cleaning is expensive, but more than effective measure. Let your home to be always clean and comfortable!