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Some people say that our house is our fortress. We also like to repeat that “East or West, home is best”. Each of us feels comfortable and safe only in our own place – warm, cosy and private. That is why it is so important to keep it clean all the time (women know everything about how hard it is). Besides, we usually invite our friends to visit us and the blameless order is the prime task in such situations.

Things that need cleaning most of all

There are some things that we sometimes cannot manage to keep in order all the time and usually we even forget about it. This is keeping our carpets clean. In families with little kids and pets (dogs, cats, rabbits or any others) rugs and everything that lies on the floor is the dirtiest thing in the house, because children usually like to play on the flour. If you have a cat or a dog, you know how much fur they leave everywhere and it is really hard to remove it from all kinds of covering. Besides, even the best housekeeper cannot control food moving around the house. Kinds and men like to take sandwiches, pieces of pizza and other snacks and drinks to the guest rooms and  bedrooms and nothing can change this habit. As a result, there are old and fresh stains on the carpets from ketchup, peanut butter, coffee and Coke.
Another uncomfortable thing about dirty rugs is smell. If there is some moisture inside of it from milk or water that was spilled earlier, you cannot avoid turning it into a smelling piece of rag. Sometimes people don’t even understand that the unpleasant odor comes from the carpet that seems visually clean.
Sometimes people don’t find any other solution, but throwing it away and buying a new one. This is actually a very radical action. There are many professional and effective carpet cleaning products that can really help bring your property back to life. Fortunately, they cost less than a new rug, especially if you prefer to buy extravagant Persian carpets that cost a fortune.

Reason to clean all your carpets

A bad sight for your eyes is not the only reason to take care of your floor and furniture coverings. It is really much dirtier than your eye can catch and a way more dangerous because of it.  Philip Tierno, microbiologist, professional immunologist and Ph.D of New York University Langone Medical Center in his book “The Secret Life of Germs” states that there are about 200 000 bacteria present (attention!!!!) PER SQUARE INCH. This is much more than in the bathroom!!!
Everyone knows that the presence of bacteria is tightly connected to the disease of a proper type. Your rug may contain salmonella, pneumonia and E.Coli bugs that are able to affect humans and animals. According to the article in DailyMail UK the deep research of carpets of British citizens has shown a shocking picture. You will never believe what was found there: human and animals vomit, fecal bacteria, human and pet hair, tar and pollen that people bring to their houses from the outside.
Now, think again, do you really want to have the entire universe of germs in your sacred place – your house and let your child play on it? I am sure, you don’t. So, now is the best time to take care about your carpet.

carpet cleaning productsCarper cleaning and stain removing products review

Of course, many of you are smart enough to pop in to the closest store and buy something from the wide range of domestic goods that are offered, but sometimes it is really hard to make a decision and buy a really useful and helpful product. Besides, it is highly important to choose sprays and liquids that are safe for your health and eco-friendly. So, it is better to investigate the market before the purchase.
First thing that will strike your brain will be the choice. There are different aerosols, sprays, foams, powders and liquids that have only one destination – cleaning. What is it better to take?
  • Carpet powder in use

Carpet powder is one of the best solutions for apartments where you don’t have many chances to dry your rug. It is also one of the easiest carpet cleaning and stain removing products in use. How to apply it? Take the thing you want to clean to the place, where it will not be an obstacle for moving around the place. It is very important not to step on it during the process (as it is in all other optional cleanings). Then simply sprinkle the powder all over the covering and leave it overnight or at least for thirty minutes, so the components of the powder may soak into the material. Then vacuum up it and that’s all. This is a dry process, so you don’t have to worry about moisture inside of the carpet.
  • Shampoo 

Shampoo is one of the most popular carpet cleaning products. Usually you have to add some of it to water in a proper proportion that can be found on the bottle. You must also use a brash to clean the surface. Don’t use a lot of water, it will increase drying time and may cause the appearance of the fungi inside of the carpet. Scrab areas with old stains more intensively. Then dry your rug and only after that vacuum up the remains of the shampoo.

  • Carpet cleaning sprays and foams

Before applying the spray on your carpet, use vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from it. Professionals usually advise to try the product on a piece of material that cannot be seen because the spray may change the color of the surface or ruin the structure if it doesn’t fit. After all preparations are performed, shake the can and sprinkle it all over the carpet. If you use the foam, then take a sponge and press the product into the material until it disappears. When you want to remove a stain from a small area, then use the tissue to extract the moisture out of it.
If you think that you are not able to help yourself, call the carpet cleaning services that have products of all kinds. They will make your rug shine bright and remove all bacteria out of it. In any case, don’t leave it without care. Our house is our fortress, where we don’t want such enemies as germs to invade. So, this is our responsibility to keep all surfaces clean (using different carpet cleaning products or calling the proper services) and to protect ourselves and those we love the most. And this is what we all want.